Hey Everyone!!!! I have another BuzzFeed quiz for you.

But before you take this quiz, I want you to really think about the answers that you give.

I looked at some of the questions and really thought to myself, “What was I going through when I did this”?

Something to make you say Hmmmmm…….

How “BAD” Are You?!!




Happy New Year!!!!

I know it has been a while since I posted to my Blog, but sometimes Life gets in the way and takes us away from the things that we really want to be doing.

I Love writing and posting on my Blogs. I Promise to try and do more of  that in the months to come.

Now for the FUN!!!

Someone sent this to me this and I really wanted to share. This Survey is called “The Ultimate Purity Test”.

They were shocked by their Purity number. I told them that it couldn’t be that bad(They never stated if  it was High or Low).

I decided to take the Purity Test and see what the fuse was about. I was shocked myself(I’m not telling if mine is High or Low either).

Let’s see how open everyone is. Try it!!! Take the Purity Test and see if you are willing to share your number……



The Trailer looks good right. Well the movie was released yesterday in select theaters on October 18, 2013. 

I had planned to see the movie, but as I went to see where the Movie was playing near me, I found out it is not playing nowhere near me. If I want to see it I have to drive at least 45 minutes or go into DC. Why, when I pass at least 2 theaters to get to either one of those destinations.

I’m not sure why the Black community was excluded in the early release. I thought that’s who the studio was marketing to since this is OUR History and the story is about someone’s Ancestor. 

The movie will be leased Nationwide next week, but why should I have to wait? Hollywood got a special screening. Heck, Madonna got kicked out for texting during the screen. That shows where the interest in the movie isn’t. 

White Folks need to get over this thing that they have about us Blacks Rioting. Although Slavery was wrong and upsetting to see anyone enslaved especially since OUR Ancestors did not receive any compensation behind it, Yes it is enough to take to the streets, but not showing this movie in the Black Communities no where in the United States warrant some kind of explanation from the Studio. 

I would not say do not go see this Movie. This is an true story and something that needs to be told. What I would say is we as African Americans need to write the studios and its marketing team and let them know that if they are going to show a film about OUR History and OUR Ancestry, then we(African American) need to be included more in the planning and there should be no way we should have to drive outside of OUR Community to see it. They want our Money don’t they?!!!! Yes they do and I refuse to take my money outside my Community. 

So yes I will wait another week to see the movie, but I plan to see it in my own Community at 1 of the 2 theaters that are near me and you should too…..



Welcome to my Blog JazzyFree2bmeLovingLife.

This Blog is all about me. My Life, My Thoughts, and My Opinions. I know you are asking who are you, well let me introduce myself.


My name is Felicia Rachelle Mathis(that’s what the R is for) I was born and raised in Chicago, IL but now reside in MD. I have 2 boys or should I say young men that I just adore and they adore their mom as well. I will be a Grandmother soon and can’t wait for my little DJ to get here so I can spoil him. I am a true believer in the Lord and Family. I believe we need both in our Lives on a daily basis. I Love Genealogy(Family History), Astrology, Reading, Writing, Music, Movies,  Politics, & just talking mess along with the next person.

Sometimes People just do and say things that just don’t settle right with me and this Blog will give me the platform to express my Dislikes, Distrust, and as my oldest say talk about my conspiracy theories.  I look forward to keeping you interested in my Blog or just reading about ME…….

May I Leave you with this: